Comparison of couples

The adventures of a poor but brave guy and a princess is a classical love story. Such love stories have been a topic in literature and movies many times, in particular, the coincidence of their acquaintance. The most famous is Romeo and Juliet, of course. The characteristics of their love are different, and their destiny is sometimes a matter of circumstances.

Some examples:
Romeo and Juliet:
Their love is ill-fated, as they belong to rivaling families, however, they go their own way. Also, different perceptions are overcome by negotiation. Many other features cannot be resolved, because their personal contact is rather small. So, their love is doomed to take place in their minds.
Result: Negative. Their death is a classical token of true love. But it is also the result of a misunderstanding due to the lack of communication.
Harry and Sally:
When they meet, their different attitudes and reluctance seem unbridgeable. As the years pass by, reality shows that destiny is irrational. Emotions as well as attitudes can change, and so do relationships. Slowly, their aversion turns into friendship. They risk this friendship to finally gain love and a lifelong partnership.
Result: Positive. It was only possible on the awareness that the partner's fortune would be more important than the own's.
Edmont Dantes and Mercedes (The Count of Monte Cristo):
Two young souls are close to marriage, but they become victims of a conspiracy. Communication is cut and their love disrupted: Edmont is thrown into prison, while Mercedes is given lies about her lover's fate. When they meet again more than two decades later, their untroubled youth is irreversibly lost. The love remains alive, but, tragically, never comes true.
Result: Negative. Their failure is due to an outside force. Both are not given a chance to assume responsibility for their love.
Rhett and Scarlett (Gone with the Wind):
She is a spoiled belle who is guided by an illusion of love about another man. Rhett is a gentleman, prudent, though cynical. They meet in an awkward situation. He falls in love with her and offers her a honest relationship. She does not realise her good luck and grasps at that illusion instead.
Result: They do marry after several attempts, but Scarlett loses Rhett's love because of her own arrogance.
Walter Gibson and Alison Bradbury (The Sure Thing):
He is an adventurer who lives for the moment, quite spontaneous, but clever and self-confident. She is exactly the opposite: repressed, clumpsy, and tries to get anything perfect in her life. Common troubles make them stick together.
Result: Positive. After some fights they come together, because both are willing to abandon a part of his/her habits. They adapt to the pecularities of the partner and reduce the differences.
Jerry Webster and Carol Templeton (Lover Come Back):
Both Jerry and Carol are very ambitious and seek for success. Their career rivalry makes them hate each other. The driving force is to break the other one. Not having met before, they have the chance to test their pure personalities instead of the prejudices.
Result: Positive. They find themselves to be soulmates. Their partnership is perfectly balanced for they realise that they are equally strong.
Brick and Maggie (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof):
Brick is an ambitious guy who wallows in self-pity because he lost his ideal. Maggie is his faithful wife that suffers under his egoism which has turned into hate against her. As Brick's father intervenes, conflicting philosophies on life are disclosed.
Result: Positive. An intermediary is needed to settle the dispute. Maggie has to balance between assertiveness and modesty, and she will be rewarded for her endurance.
Eugen and Tatjana (Eugen Onegin):
Eugen is a faineant and receives a positive impulse from Tatjana's love. He rejects it because of two things: his vanity and lethargy. Even more, he destroys others' love and leaves the stage. When Eugen meets Tatjana again much later, he regrets his action and seeks for a reversal. But it is too late.
Result: Negative. He fails due to his inability to change. Although she keeps on loving him, they remain bound to the social conventions.

Last modified: 2008, Dec 21