Beavis and Butthead in Hollywood

Ehhh, this is when we went to Hollywood.
That was cool! Huh huh huh.
We made, ehh, some movies or something.

"Ahhh, give us a role in a movie, huh huh huh. We wanna be famous."
- "Yeah. He he he. We are famous. Give us some money, too."

"Well... huhhh huhh huh... could you repeat the question?... Huhhh huhh."

"Whoa. Is this like the weather channel? - This sucks!"

"This is like a James Bond movie."
- "Yeah. They need that short guy, HandJob."

"That's not funny, dumbass!" -
"I don't like video's that suck."

"These guys are cool - for a bunch of mimes."

"Hey, Butthead. I have this great
big crack in my butt."

"It's the President of Hollywood!"
"He he he, yeah, he he he he he."

"Calm down Beavis. You're gonna soil your drawers."

"Whoa! We're there dude."

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