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The Walt Disney Company Italia published a number of books on the funny stories about the historic or literaric figures of Goofy (Pippo). Five issues appeared within the series "Pippo il grande"; seven were published as a brief subseries of "Le Grandi Parodie Disney" (no. 72-78), also called "Pippo Parodie"; and two additional books covered 4 other stories in total.
Three stories of "Pippo Parodie" were unpublished (no. 73 and 76). They don't have an German or French equivalent, and seem to be an unique manufacture. Also, no. 74 exists just in a French version besides Italian. The 7 issues were released in a two-months turn in the year 2000.

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Il grande Pippo
Il grande Pippo
Pippo Beethoven
Pippo Beethoven
Pippo il grande
Pippo il Grande
Pippo Stradivari
Pippo Parodie

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