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"The adventures of the caliph Harun al Pussah" is a hilarious comic book series from the French publisher Dargaud. Isnogud ("Iznogoud" in French) is an evil grand vizier in medieval Bagdad whose only wish is to become "caliph in place of the caliph". With the help of his faithful servant Tunichgud, he constantly hatches plots against the naive and good-hearted caliph Harun al Pussah. Of course, the plans always backfire. Unforseen developments or unfortunate coincidences repel the plans and give the stories their characteristic humor.

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Jean Tabary (1930-2011) was a French comic artist who was born in Sweden. In 1962 he started working with the brilliant lyrics writer René Goscinny (1926-1977) who conceived this series. Iznogoud, an mean visier in Baghdad, made his first appearance in the French magazine "Record" but moved to "Pilote" magazine in 1968. Later, the short stories were compiled into book form. After Goscinny's death, Tabary continued producing the scenario on his own. 24 books appeared to this day and translated in many languages all over the world. In the 1970ies, audio tapes and records were released, and in 1994, the French animation company Saban created a number of video cartoons.

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