Achdé - Hervé Darmenton (*1961)

French comic writer. began his comics career in several fanzines from 1985. He joined the publising house Dargaud in 1991. From 2003, he is the artist of the series 'Lucky Luke' and wrote the albums no. 77, 80, and the special "The French Cook".
More information on Achdé in French.

Adam, Éric (*1960)

comic writer. He started his carrier in 1994 and wrote 3 scenarios for Marsupilami, Rantanplan (no. 8), and, together with Fauche, the texts for the Lucky Luke album no. 71.
Interview with Eric Adam in French.
Eric Adam

Benacquista, Tonino (*1961)

French writer and screenplot creator for TV series. He started writing comics in mid-1990ies and won the Rene-Goscinny-Prize in 1998. Two Lucky Luke volumes are co-made by him and Pennac (see below), no. 88 and 90.
Link to the fansite of Tonino Benacquista in French.
Tonino Benacquista

Bèvére, Maurice de - "Morris" (1923-2001)

Belgian comic writer and creator of Lucky Luke. He started drawing the adventures of the lonesome cowboy in 1947 for the French magazine "L'Almanach Spirou". The first story was titled "Arizona 1880". After a seven year's stay in the US, he returned to Europe and collaborated with René Goscinny. With him, he invented those elements that make the typical trademarks of the stories, e.g. the Daltons, the dog rantanplan, or the final scene at sunset.

Cauvin, Patrick: see Klotz, Claude

Conrad, Didier (*1959)

is a French comic writer. In 1979 he started working with Yann, and both procured the common pseudonym "Pearce" in 1994. Their first successful series was Cotton Kid, then they wrote "Les Innommables" and "Tigresse Blanche" for the French readership. In 2013, Conrad drew Asterix volume "Astérix chez les Pictes" (no. 35).
More information on Didier Conrad in German.
Didier Conrad

Darmenton, Hervé: see Achdé

Dom Domi: see Vandael, Dominique

Fauche, Xavier (*1946)

French comic writer. He started his career in 1975 and wrote 9 stories for Lucky Luke after Goscinny's death. With his partners Léturgie and Morris, he also created 8 books of "Rantanplan" since 1987. Volume 69, "Belle Starr", he wrote without Léturgie.
More information on Xavier Fauche in French.
Xavier Fauche

Gerra, Laurent (*1967)

French comic writer. For more than ten years, he worked as a humorist for the TV cabaret shows on RTL and France-2, and his gags have turned to classics by now. The album no. 77 is the first one he scetched without the creator Morris.
The official site of Laurent Gerra in French.
Laurent Gerra

Goscinny, René (1926-1977)

one of the most creative comic writers ever. Known for many famous comic characters (Asterix, Isnogud among others), Goscinny wrote the lyrics for Lucky Luke 4 years before the first release of Asterix. The title was "Railways on the Prairie" and became an immediate success. The collaboration with Morris resulted in 37 adventures of the Western hero and continued uninterrupted until his death.
More information on Rene Goscinny in French.
Rene Goscinny

Greg: see Régnier, Michel

Groot, Bob de (*1941)

Belgian comic writer. He created with his partner Philippe Liégeois (known as Turk) some strip heroes like "Robin Dubois" in 1969 and "Leonardo the genius" in 1975. His contributions to Lucky Luke were the volumes no. 33, 72, and 75, and three short episodes gathered in volume 42.
More information on Bob de Groot in French.
Bob de Groot

Guylouis, Claude

is no real person, but a pseudonyme for a collective of three comic writers: Guy Vidal (see below), Claude Klotz (see below), and Jean-Louis Robert (see below). They wrote stories gathered in albums no. 55 and 58.
Claude Guylouis

Hartog van Banda, Lodewijk (1916-2006)

Dutch comic writer. He is celebrated as one of the most important comic writers in the Netherlands. He started for a science fiction magazine and wrote a tremendous amount of stories, among them "De Argonautjes" and the TV series "Berenboot" for children. He entered the Lucky Luke gallery of writers via the stories in volumes 41, 52, and 65.
More information on Hartog van Banda in English.
Lo Hartog van Banda

Janvier, Michel (*1954)

French comic writer. Started as a freelance illustrator for comic scenarios in 1977, he met Morris in 1983 and worked with him for the next 15 years. He assisted in illustrating the volume 58 of Lucky Luke and nine volumes of Rantanplan. Later he draws several other comic strips, e.g. three volumes of "Les Musicos".
More information on Michel Janvier in French.
Michel Janvier

Klotz, Claude - "Patrick Cauvin" (1932-2010)

wrote about 15 novels, most of them crime stories that became best sellers. Also he was a celebrated critic of TV series and wrote several screenplays on his own. For Lucky Luke, he appears as "Claude Guylouis" in 2 issues, no. 55 and 58.
Claude Klotz

Léturgie, Jean (*1947)

French comic writer. His first comic scenario was an episode of the 'Percevan' (Tassilo) in 1970. Afterwards, he started a cooperation with Fauche, with whom he wrote 7 Lucky Luke stories. Volumes 70 and 73 he co-wrote with others. Both writers also created the "Rantanplan" series, a Lucky Luke spin-off series.
More information on Jean Léturgie in French and also an interview.
Jean Leturgie

Leonardo, Vittorio (*1938)

Italian comic writer. He coloured the comic strips of Rantanplan that appeared as one-sides humoresques. Some other comic heroes that he created became not as known as his work with Morris.
More information on Vittorio Leonardo.
Vittorio Leonardo

Lodewijk, Martin (*1939)

Dutch comic writer. He created the pirate strip "Arend Brant" released in 1959 and 1960, and "Agent 327", a successful persiflage on James Bond movies launched in 1977. In the list of Lucky Luke authors, he appears only for a short adventure in volume 42.
More information on Martin Lodewijk in Dutch.
Martin Lodewijk

Morris: see Bèvére, Maurice de

Nordmann, Patrick (*1949)

Swiss writer. Started as a journalist for a Swiss newspaper, he is last scenarist under the licence of Morris. He wrote two volumes (74 and 76).
More information on his own web site in French.
Patrick Nordmann


is a pseudonym for a comic duo: Didier Conrad (see above) and Yann (see Pennetier). They wrote in collaboration with Léturgie on Lucky Luke volume 73, and on the spin-off series "Lucky Kid" (now no. 82) as well as "Cotton Kid".

Pennac, Daniel (*1944)

French teacher and writer of some children's books as well as novels having a social critical content. In 1982 he began to write comic plots. His style is to develop a complex act that is disentangled at the end.
More information on Daniel Pennac in German.
Daniel Pennac

Pennetier, Yannick le - "Yann" (*1954)

French humorist. As one of the younger generation, Yann started writing comic strips in the mid-1970ies for the Belgian "Spirou" magazine. He created a lot of scenarios, and became known by Marsupilami in particular. In collaboration with Léturgie he designed volume 70, and volume 73 under the pseudonym of Pearce.
More information on Yann Pennetier in German.
Yannick le Pennetier, Yann

Raymond, Antoine - "Vicq" (1936-1987)

Belgian comic writer. Under his civil name, he is almost unknown. He is famed for the juvenile character "Sophie" which has hardly received attention outside the French-Belgian comic world. Vicq wrote just one short episode for Morris in volume 42 and participated in volume 27.
More information on Vicq in the Comiclopedia.
Antoine Raymond, Vicq

Régnier, Michel - "Greg" (1931-1999)

Belgian comic writer. At the age of 16 he started his career in a Belgian magazine. In 1958, Greg joined the editorial team of "Tintin," which he later edited from 1964 to 1975. He also wrote for "Spirou et Fantasio", "Marsupilami" and "Luc Orient" among other series. For Lucky Luke, he wrote the only a short story about Jolly Jumper (volume 49).
More information on Michel Régnier in German.
Michel Regnier

Robert, Jean-Louis (*1942)

wrote children's books and erotic literature and also worked for television. In comics he contributed to the trio "Claude Guylouis".
Jean-Louis Robert

Vandael, Dominique - "Dom Domi"

Information about this writer is rather poor. He wrote a handful of strips for "Jess Long" and contributed only one short story for Lucky Luke in volume 42. A few word about Dom Domi can be found here.

Vicq: see Raymond, Antoine


Vidal, Guy (1939-2002)

director of comic strips at Dargaud. Vidal's most cited work is the French series "Pilote". For the Lucky Luke series he wrote only volume 48, but collaborated under the pseudonym of "Claude Guylouis" in voloumes 55 and 58.
More information on Guy Vidal in French.
Guy Vidal

Yann: see Pennetier, Yannick le


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