Frequent Characters

Lucky Luke LUCKY LUKE is the main character, of course. He is a lonesome cowboy far way from home, he shoots quicker than his shadow and always fights agains unjustice and evil.
Jolly Jumper JOLLY JUMPER is Lucky's best friend, a faithful horse that saved his life many times. It understands anything what Lucky says and is aware of any situation on which his owner is in danger.
Rantanplan RANTANPLAN is the guardian dog of the state prison. He is said to be the stupidst dog of the Universe. He never understands a situation in the right way and, just by chance, he behaves such that an even more dangerous occurence is prevented.
Die Daltons THE DALTONS are four borthers who spend most of their time in prison, but trying to escape. JOE, the smallest one, is the head of the group having a lot of daft ideas. JACK and WILLIAM support any suggestion, while AVERELL, the tallest, is the idiot of them thinking only about food.
Calamity Jane CALAMITY JANE appears in some stories as a woman who wants to impose her will. The lady's world does not accept her, and the men have got lots of trouble with her.
Billy the Kid BILLY THE KID is cheeky rascal who makes the inhabitans of the town fear. He makes his own laws, and nobody dares to disobey or even contradict him. Lucky Luke is the only one who does not show respect for him.
Jesse James JESSE JAMES is a desperado who appears in some volumes, in particular, no. 4 (Ehapa: no. 38) is devoted to him.
Indianer Most of the INDIANS live in peace unless some "pale-faces" (an arrogant sergeant or a scheming swindler) disturb their way of living. If one enters their territory without cause, they may become dangerous and attack the treck.
Sheriff The SHERIFFs of a town differ throughout the issues, however, Wyatt Earp represents a working justice best. But in a number of cases, the local sheriff is not efficient enough to expell the evil from town, such that Lucky Luke consents to do his job for a while.
Totengräber The GRAVE-DIGGER comes in various shapes. He takes his work so serious that all his actions or comments deal with death anyhow.
Barman The BARKEEPER gets usually the things in his saloon destroyed. When troube is about to start, he calls his wife in order to take down the large expensive mirror behind the bar. However, after putting it up again, one final bullet or bottle hits it.
Elliot Belt The Lucky Luke volumes provide several "guest roles" to famous persons known from show business, e.g. Elliot Belt. They are funny caricatures that resemble a role of an opponent. In general, these caricatures are connected just to one single story.

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