A Goofy History

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The Great Goofy Album was published in Europe in the 1970ies and 1980ies. In these years there was a series of Disney comic book stories in which Mickey Mouse and Goofy were cast in the roles of historical persons or characters from literature in absurd situations. Those, who are aware of the "true" story, will particularly enjoy the funny scenarios Goofy deals with. The drawings are full of creativity and brilliant elements: The individual pictures are sometimes merged ingeniously together such that they show one full-page drawing with several parts of the action.      
    The idea of creation for the volumes goes back to some writers and pencillers from Brazil. The names Hector Adolfo de Urtiága, Rubén Torreiro, Cal Howard, and Carl Fallberg deserve mentioning. The series became most successful in Europe, where it was published in several languages. The longest run was edited in Germany and France, while other countries stopped it after a few number of issues (see table for an overview).
Unlike Asterix, Lucky Luke and others, this series never saw multiple editions, though some few particular volumes appeared in a second edition while the series was still running. All existing copies date from that time. However, the interest in the "Goofy-volumes" did not die out in the least. Among collectors, they are still very desired and dearly traded.

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